Customer Satisfaction Survey

Use the satisfaction survey to provide better service to your customer.

How often have you asked for a recommendation from a friend about a service you needed to contract or product that you wanted to buy? We live in an age where recommendations can mean increased sales or losing part of your clientele.

There are some factors that helped in creating this culture. Initially, before the internet, people read newspapers on Friday to find out what was the best movie being shown in theaters that weekend, today they look for opinions on specific sites, depending on the topic they want.

With increased sales of products via the Internet, a great help for consumers has been the section “Customer Opinion” where those who bought the product can put an assessment from 1-5 stars and write their opinion about that product or salesperson. The site “Reclame Aqui” (Complain Here – in English) is another support tool for consumers anywhere in Brazil, and serves to expedite resolving service problems.

Thinking of your refrigeration store, why wait for the customer’s opinion, if you can be proactive and ask for it through a satisfaction survey? Listed below are the steps you can follow to implement a satisfaction survey in your shop and have the necessary information to improve your services and customer care.

Creating questions?

Gather your team and ask everyone to share what are the main service complaints and positive feedback received from customers in recent months. Make a list of suggestions, it’ll serve as a base to create your survey. If you have received e-mails or complaints on sites like “Complain Here”, also consider this in the initial list. It’s important at this stage that everyone has the freedom to share problems that were reported by customers, because the ultimate goal is to improve the service offered by the company.

Suggested questions for the satisfaction survey

Use the results of the meeting with your team to create your survey. Below, we list some common questions that can help you in this process:
• Give a score from 0-10 for the service received.
• Give a score from 0 to 10 for the service delivery time.
• Give a score from 0 to 10 for cordiality during the service.
• Do you have any comments about the service received?
• Would you recommend us to a friend?

This last question is definitive. According to a study by Fred Reichheld (learn more here) used by some companies in Brazil and in the world, if a person recommends your company to a friend, he’s satisfied with his service and will promote your company.

How to conduct the satisfaction survey

You can conduct this satisfaction survey both via e-mail or telephone, 1 or 2 days after providing the service, because if a problem occurs, you’ll be able to fix it quickly and leave a good impression with the customer.

What to do with the results

Take the survey results seriously. Put all results into a spreadsheet and share with your team regularly, so that everyone can work on corrective actions and continuously improve your company’s service.
It’s also very important to return to the customer who made a complaint or gave a negative score with the actions taken to correct the problems and thank him for his answer.

You know how much it costs to get a new customer. Use the satisfaction survey to keep your customers and get recommendations. A great tip is, with your customer’s authorization, to include positive testimonials on your site as a form of marketing for your business.

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