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Hydrocarbons mean double gain for green
by A2C Admin

Low global warming potential and better energy efficiency make them the best option when considering sustainable refrigeration      By: Jozef Sedliak, Nidec Global Appliance R&D Manager      Summing up the last 11 years, from 2010 to 2021, the evolution in the mix of Embraco compressors models sold in…

How does a refrigeration system work?
by A2C Admin

Adriano Francisco Ronzoni,  Research and Development Manager at Nidec Global Appliance   Created in 2019, the World Refrigeration Day has the purpose of raising awareness among the international community on the role of HVAC-R in society. For centuries, humanity depended exclusively on nature to generate cold. From the underground systems…

by Vinícius Delmônego

Hydrocarbons (isobutane-R600a and propane-R290) represent the best and long term solution for refrigeration applications in low and medium pressure. For many years, Embraco has been actively investing in this direction by developing and promoting hermetic compressors for use with low-atmospheric impact refrigerants on all continents. In addition to isobutane in…

BIOMA: Demand style and silence for your next cold room
by A2C Admin

Focusing on state-of-the-art technology projects and being attentive to the market trends, Embraco offers a wide range of cooling solutions for food retail, food service and merchandisers segments. Among the most popular are condensing units that combine a complete platform with services focused on high-quality and performance, which also simplifies…

BIOMA silent unit: Easy and best cleaning
by A2C Admin

David Seignoret, Business Development Manager     How do you maintain the unit as clean as possible? How does the solution speed up condenser cleaning? Let’s say: doing it twice a year – once before the season, once after. First we select a coil appropriate for the business’ refrigeration use….

Faster Access with BIOMA
by A2C Admin

David Seignoret, Business Development Manager     A new silent range of condensing units designed for quick service, fast installation and easy maintenance. There are many solutions in Europe and also in other regions using too many screws. Installing, setting-up or changing something is always a challenge, because the contractor…

Easy Maintenance with BIOMA
by A2C Admin

David Seignoret, Business Development Manager     This product has been developed for the contractor, for the people doing their jobs every day in the field. Installation isn’t the only thing that’s important, but also service and maintenance.  By listening to customers, Embraco implemented a three-door access solution with just…

BIOMA silent unit: Low Noise
by A2C Admin

David Seignoret, Business Development Manager   When developing a silent product, the first goal is to separate the compressor from the condenser. In order to keep the noise emitted by the compressor ́s mechanical parts or vibration inside the compressor’s compartments, we, at Embraco, implemented various technologies to achieve this….

Do you need help on the installation? Learn with Embraco experts.
by Embraco

SM00 – EMT/NE SERIES RSIR PTC European Version   SM01 – EMT/NE SERIES RSCR PTC European Version     SM02 – EMT/NE SERIES RSCR TSD European Version   SM03 – EMT/NE SERIES RSIR Terminal Board & Start Device   SM04 – EMT/NE SERIES CSIR American Version   SM05 – EMT/NE…

R290 and R600A
by Embraco

Understand their features and the care required in their application. The use of natural cooling fluids has been growing quickly all over the world. Among them, the hydrocarbons stand out – R600a, or isobutane; and R290, or propane. They already had a strong presence in certain regions, especially in Europe….

How to deal with leakages
by Embraco

Understand the causes and learn how to avoid leakages of cooling fluids. Leakages of cooling fluids are problems which need to be avoided. Indeed, they result into  financial losses, as it is necessary to  repair and replace the fluid leaked.  At the same time, in many cases, they result into…

How to test the start relay of the refrigerator compressor
by Embraco

The refrigerator does not works the whole time. It goes on and off during the cooling cycle, maintaining the ideal temperature inside the cabinet. For the compressor to be connected, the start relay is required, it is responsible for supplying energy to the unit. The relay is in the on/off…

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