Embraco presents new highly efficient variable speed compressor running on R290
by Lavínia Rauber Mafra

Embraco, a global provider of refrigeration technology for the complete domestic and commercial cold chain and part of Nidec Global Appliance, is launching in December the VEMT404U, an extension of its variable speed compressors portfolio. The new solution adds to the VEM platform the feature of running on natural refrigerant…

FMF line-up: high performance, doesn’t matter the voltage
by A2C Admin

Since 1971, Embraco has been a global provider of refrigeration technology for the complete domestic and commercial cold chain. As part of Nidec Global Appliance, its solutions are differentiated by innovation that exceeds customer’s most challenging expectations. One example is the FMF line-up, the most energy efficient portfolio in the…

Webinar Calculer le niveau sonore de votre installation frigorifique.
by A2C Admin

Embraco, une marque appartenant à Nidec Global Appliance, est pionnière dans les compresseurs à vitesse variable et les solutions de réfrigération avec des réfrigérants naturels. L’un de ses produits phares est Bioma, le groupe frigorifique le plus silencieuse du marché. Par conséquent, Embraco peut expliquer avec autorité au sujet de…

Nidec Global Appliance: FINANČNÁ PODPORA Z EÚ
by Lavínia Rauber Mafra

Zváracia stanica periférneho zvaru NJ kompresorov. Priloha c. 4_záznam z prieskumu trhu_Embraco Výzva na predloženie ponuky_2010 Príloha 1b_Technická špecifikácia_prílohy príloha 1a – Opis predmetu zákazky Priloha c. 3 – Navrh zmluvy o dielo Príloha_2a_strukturovany_rozpocet priloha_2b_navrh_na_plnenie_kriterii Príloha_3_ZoD-Zoznam-subdodávateľov priloha_4_informacia_o_uchadzacovi priloha_5_cestne_vyhlasenie_o_suhlase_s_podmienkami-1 príloha_6_cestne_vyhlasenie_KZ     Zrušena zakazka – časť 1 Zrušena zakazka – časť…

Embraco will take part in Refrigera 2019 fair
by Embraco

On February 20-22, Embraco will take part in REFRIGERA 2019 fair, one of the leading events in the calendar of all refrigeration experts in Italy. Reinforcing its positioning as one of the largest players in the market, Embraco promotes quality of life through innovative cooling solutions. Apart from offering a…

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