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Create a free blog to boost your business on the internet.

Customers want convenience to find services over the Internet.

Looking for a service on the internet has become much more convenient and faster than looking for a contact in a phone book. In the virtual environment you can also find more information about the company, images, and its exact location on the map; additional data that help customers decide about a service.

Therefore, nowadays, if you want your business to thrive it’s important to have a website or create a blog to be seen in the online market. Today the Refrigeration Club selected some important tips and guidelines for setting up a blog.

There are several ways to start creating a blog. It’s good to know, for example, different from a website, a blog doesn’t necessarily need a domain, hosting and custom layout, and that it can bring a long-term return for your business.

Specialists say that if the goal is to generate quick income, the blog shouldn’t be the central focus of your business, but should be one more of its tools. For an exclusive business strategy, it would be more interesting to focus on other internet sales models known as electronic commerce or e-commerce, which has already been discussed previously, read more.

But if your interest isn’t to create a virtual store but to generate and disseminate a lot of content, blogging is right for you. However, for your blog to attract many visitors it’s necessary to have interesting content and be frequently updated.

Reasons to create a blog:

  • Make your specific knowledge public;
  • Share information with other people;
  • Get advertisers and partners who want to appear on your blog;
  • Be recognized and recommended by various people, increasing your professional credibility and reference.

Blog advantages

One of the main advantages of blogs over conventional sites is that they allow you, yourself, to organize your content according to your needs, without having to understand about programming languages: simply access the online editor, prepare the material and click “publish” for the content to automatically appear on the blog. On the website you’ll have to depend on a professional with HTML knowledge whenever you need to publish new material or update your page.

As sites are more static, rarely updated, they’re harder to be highlighted in searches and that’s why large companies which already have a website also create a blog to improve their visibility on the internet.

See below a list of some Internet addresses that provide guidance for creating blogs along with a brief description of the two most used tools:

Blogger is a free tool from Google to create a blog. It enables sharing texts, photos and videos, in three fast and easy steps. One of its advantages is that it allows you to easily include advertising through the Google Adsense program.

WordPress is currently the most widely used platform and recommended by bloggers to make money online because it allows greater flexibility on modifying its visual, expanding resources and placing advertisements.


If you decide on a site instead of a blog, there are also free services for creating websites. However, if you want to start a more serious project, be prepared to invest in hiring professionals specialized in this area known as web designers, to increase your chances for satisfaction.

Webnode and Wix are free website builders that allow creation without the need to have programming knowledge. They’re free, but don’t offer many resources and not even its own domain (name). Free sites also don’t let you remove advertisements, usually present on your page.

Addresses for creating a blog:

UOL Blog – http://blog.uol.com.br – Portuguese

UniBlog – http://www.uniblog.com.br/ – Portuguese

Blog.com – http://www.blog.com/ – Portuguese

Blog Spirit – http://www.blogspirit.com – English

Examples of refrigeration sector blogs:

Refrigeration Blog

Professor Fábio Ferraz Blog

Climate Control and Refrigeration 

How to Fix Your Home Appliance: Brastemp – Consul and Electrolux

Information sources:

Blog Master

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