1. What’s the Refrigeration Club?

The Refrigeration Club is an important communication and interaction channel among all those who are part of the refrigeration market. With over 30 years of existence, the Club, formerly known as Bola Preta, went through a total redesign. Our goal is to develop content that assists in updating and developing those professionals who seek to learn and improve each time more. Join the club – free of charge.


2. Is there any cost to register in the Refrigeration Club?

No, there is no cost or monthly fees to sign-up for the Refrigeration Club. Join the club – free of charge.


3. Why should I register in the Refrigeration Club?

The Refrigeration Club brings together everything you need in one place. Here you can exchange experiences with other professionals, find information, tips and features to make your job easier, plus access the latest industry news, updated by market specialists. Join and find out for yourself: the Refrigeration Club was made especially for professionals like you. Join the club – free of charge.

4. I own a refrigeration store. What can the Refrigeration Club offer me?

You’ll have access to information that’ll make your business take off. In the Entrepreneurial World section, you’ll find management techniques, market information and more. Join the club – free of charge.

5. I want to grow in my career, what can the Refrigeration Club offer me?

The Refrigeration Club was created for professionals just like you and offers lots of information that’ll help you grow. In addition to learning the best techniques with specialists in the area and have access to tools that will facilitate your work, you’ll also be up-to-date on the latest news and have access to event and lecture schedules. In the Forum section, you can also exchange experiences and clarify doubts with other industry professionals. Join the club – free of charge.

6. Is there any tool to help me select the ideal compressor for my customer?

Yes. Embraco developed the Embraco Toolbox application for iOS and Android platforms, which provides access to a product and cross-reference catalog. You can download the app on your phone and tablet by clicking here. Also, you can access our Product Selection Software (link) and check out the best available options.

7. I always want to be informed about the latest refrigeration industry news, how can I do that?

In the News section, you have access to the latest industry news, from around the world as well as those close to you. In the Favorites section, you can also save the information that most interests you. Join the club – free of charge.

8. I have many doubts and don’t know many professionals that can help me. Where can I exchange information?

The new Club site offers an exclusive Forum for contractors like you. Participate, click here!

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