Hydrocarbons (isobutane-R600a and propane-R290) represent the best and long term solution for refrigeration applications in low and medium pressure. For many years, Embraco has been actively investing in this direction by developing and promoting hermetic compressors for use with low-atmospheric impact refrigerants on all continents.

In addition to isobutane in household appliances, significant progress has been made with the use of propane in light commercial plug-in systems as a natural alternative to R134a and R404A.

The main focus of the position paper is being given to reliability and performance aspects as well as to the related safety legislation evolution. The document also presents the Embraco refrigerants approval for transitory solutions, as well as notes about IEC standard refrigerant charge increase.

Download the documents below and check the details.

Refrigerants Outlook for Europe 2022

Find below the position paper on Light Commercial Refrigeration – Refrigerants Outlook for Europe.

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Refrigerants Outlook for United States and Canada 2021

The position paper on “Light Commercial Refrigeration – Refrigerants Outlook for United States and Canada” includes also notes about Californian regulation bills.

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Refrigerants Outlook for Japan 2020

Find below the position paper on Light Commercial Refrigeration – Refrigerants Outlook for Japan.

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Embraco Policy Statement

Embraco will encourage the use of low-GWP refrigerants to support global efforts to mitigate climate change.

Embraco will continue to provide solutions to improve the energy efficiency of refrigeration equipment with low-GWP refrigerants.

Embraco will support the proactive use of natural refrigerants without compromising appliance safety.

Embraco will continue to develop products for both natural and synthetic low-GWP refrigerants that exceed present and future energy efficiency standards, in order to assure the competitiveness of our products and expectations of our end users.

Embraco will continue to work with international legislative bodies on the safe use of low-GWP refrigerant options.

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