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Customer service calls and after-service

In order to keep your business financially stable and stimulate growth, it’s vital for service providers to differentiate themselves from their competitors. By standing out in the marketplace, you can gain new customers and retain existing ones.

Investing in providing good service is a major factor to become a reference in the market. For example, when a customer is well attended and feels special, he’s more apt to make purchases, accept agreements and proposals. When the customer is treated poorly and is unhappy with the service, the chance of him spreading a negative image of the company is high.

How to hit the target in attending customers and providing good after sales service? Check out our practical tips and be a major player in the market:

Customer service

Inform: Give as much information as possible to your customer, but be practical and avoid too many technical terms. This will convey security and ensure that the right thing is being done.

Be truthful: Never try to fool your customer! Speak the truth and if necessary, present its flaws. He’ll appreciate your sincerity!

Be kind: Even if your customer is upset about some situation, keep calm, be nice and show that you want to solve the problem.

Arrive on time: When you set an appointment with a customer, don’t be late! Be aware that he may have canceled appointments to wait for you. If something unforeseen happens, call the customer in advance and keep him informed.

Give deadlines: If you can’t solve your customer’s problem right away, give a time limit of when you will. If you can’t deliver what was promised, inform him in advance and propose a new date.

Ask for suggestions: At the end of the service call, you can ask the customer’s opinion of what you can improve. Accept criticism and suggestions and assess them. To make this process easier, you can use a quick printed questionnaire or even a digital one. For the digital one, for example, the free Google Forms tool allows you to create questionnaires and in worksheets group the information from the answers. Frequently analyze the data and find out how you can improve your service.

After sales

Ensure that everything went well: Call your customer and ask if everything worked out well with the service or if he has any questions. Offer a service guarantee time, it will make the customer feel assured.

Preferential customer: It’s much easier to keep a customer than to win over new ones. Therefore, value them! You can offer exclusive promotions for loyal customers, points and bonus system.

These are practical tips you can adopt for your business. Map the changes you want to implement and train your team so that it has a standard of service quality. Be efficient, fast, and practical so that you’ll always be remembered by your customers!

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