Toolbox: solutions for your day by day

The app created by Embraco helps refrigeration professionals on their daily routine

Officially released in October, during the Chillventa Tradeshow in Germany, Embraco’s Toolbox App is an innovative tool that holds very useful information for the refrigeration professionals. It is a free App, designed to be used on Smart phones and Tablets, that offers a big variety of resources where the professionals can rely on informations, look for trustworthy guidance and solve problems that they may experience during work.

The Best part is: You don’t need to be an expert in technology to use it. The App was developed to be used by everyone, with a very user-friendly interface. Everything is simple, it was built to be used in a very smart, practical and efficient way. Currently, it is available to be downloaded in Smart phones with Android or IOS software. You can find it on the virtual store AppStore (iOS) and Play Store (Android). The tablet version will be available soon.

To exemplify how helpful the Toolbox App can really be, look into a very common situation for the refrigeration professional: During a job at a customer house or business, the professional finds a problem that he doesn’t know how to solve. In that situation, all he has to do is access the Toolbox App and look for the Trouble Shooting section, which can be done in only a few seconds. 

The App will also help the Resellers, where they can provide the appropriate guidance to their customers, or also search for the most appropriate compressor type for every apllication.

Available in more than 10 languages, the Embraco Toolbox App has six main functinalities that help the refrigeration professionals: 

• Distributor Locator Tool – This tool allows the user to find the nearest Embraco Reseller, with the address, website and phone number;

• Embraco’s Product Catalog – Shows the data of every compressor built by Embraco;

• Cross reference – Helps on the search of compatible compressor models.

• Unit converter – Tool that helps to convert, for example, Kcal data to BTU’s, in a very easy way;

• Refrigerant Slider – Provides the characteristics of every refrigerant fluid, such as pressure and temperature;

• Troubleshooting – Helps to identify problems and offers solutions. 

The App also has a Link for the Refrigeration Club website. In the future, other resources will be available on the app, which will make it more present on the refrigeration Professional routines. 

“The set of functionalities reaffirms our technological leadership and allows us to further strengthen the relationship with technicians and partners”, says Guilherme de Almeida, Embraco’s Strategic Planning Director.


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