Innovation to preserve vaccines
by Embraco2 minutes

For more than 90 years in the market, Fanem is recognized for its performance in the manufacturing of medical and laboratory equipment, standing out for reliability and high technology. Headquartered in Guarulhos (SP) and operating abroad – including a factory in India and a commercial office in the Middle East…

Product Selection Software
by EmbracoLess than a minute

The Product Selection Software replaces the electronic catalog and assists customers in selecting the most appropriate solutions for different refrigeration systems, providing more autonomy for contractors, retailers and manufacturers. The tool makes it possible to search for a solution that best fits the intended application’s parameters. The user just needs…

New website for the Refrigeration Club
by EmbracoLess than a minute

The Refrigeration Club, the segment’s main information website, has a new look and many new features. One of them is the interactive forum, a space dedicated to contractors for exchanging experiences. “With the redesign, users can even download exclusive materials, consult the training and lecture schedules and also print a…

Embraco launches toolbox application
by Embraco1 minute

Suite of digital tools will facilitate the contractors’ day to day Always attentive to new developments in the digital world, Embraco – multinational focused on innovation and one of the largest manufacturers of hermetic compressors for refrigeration – offers innovative solutions not only in products but also in services, especially…

Supermarkets: A Segment That Deserves Your Attention
by Embraco6 minutes

It seems that supermarkets have always been present in cities, but their history is relatively recent.  The first stores emerged in the US around 1930. In Brazil, they arrived about two decades later, first in large cities and then gradually spreading throughout the country. The next step was the implementation…

B.Blend: innovation and convenience
by EmbracoLess than a minute

Whirlpool introduced a product in Brazil that aims to revolutionize the way people consume drinks at home. It’s B.blend, equipment to make hot and cold drinks, with or without carbonation. For this, Embraco has developed a unique solution based on the EM platform. The sealed unit has differentiated performance requirements….

What Is Ecological Footprint?
by Embraco2 minutes

When we talk about sustainability, various parts of our day-to-day life are directly related to our impact on the environment: the amount of waste we generate, the energy we consume, air and water pollution, etc. Looking at these examples, can we have an exact idea of the marks we leave…

World Cup Opens Up Business Opportunities
by Embraco4 minutes

Companies and professionals from various sectors, as well as governments and associations, work together very hard so that the World Cup is a success. This is what has been happening in Brazil, so that millions of people follow the event, worldwide. It’s easy to see that the World Cup creates…

Embraco Wisemotion Technology
by Embraco1 minute

Compact, silent, efficient and eliminates the use of oil, the new compressor has many advantages. After 10 years of studies and research, Embraco is launching globally Wisemotion technology, the first oil-free compressor for household applications. This new concept will revolutionize household refrigeration, expanding the possibilities in designing new refrigerators –…

The Ideal Compressor
by Embraco1 minute

Compressors are the components of refrigerators, either household or commercial, responsible for the “heavy work” to maintain their appropriate temperatures. Even at high summer temperatures, the action of the compressors allows the heat to be removed from the inside of refrigerators, ensuring, for example, suitable food preservation. According to Michel…

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