How the refrigerator technician can take advantage of the new supermarket era
by Embraco1 minute

The refrigeration market for supermarkets is constantly evolving and the refrigerator technician needs to be prepared for these changes. Learn how. Supermarket refrigeration systems occupy an extremely important role in the sector. The great responsibility for conserving perishable products, among them frozen and chilled foods (meat, beverages, dairy products, among…

Which are and how to make conversions using the Toolbox App
by Embraco1 minute

The professional who works in the refrigeration business, whether commercially or domestic, is always dealing with units of measures. They are used to quantify a physical measure, such as temperature, pressure, volume, mass, length, among others. For this reason, knowing and understanding each one of them and knowing how to…

Compressor check
by Embraco3 minutes

Many refrigerators have doubts about the state of the compressor when evaluating problems in a refrigeration system: whether it is burned out (and therefore should be discarded and replaced) or is working well and the cause of the problem is otherwise.  At the customer’s residence or business premises, it is…

Innovation to preserve vaccines
by Embraco2 minutes

For more than 90 years in the market, Fanem is recognized for its performance in the manufacturing of medical and laboratory equipment, standing out for reliability and high technology. Headquartered in Guarulhos (SP) and operating abroad – including a factory in India and a commercial office in the Middle East…

What other information Do I need to have about oil?
by Embraco1 minute

Get to know a little more about other aspects of lubricating oil. After dealing here with the compatibility between the lubricating oil and the refrigerant fluid, let’s now talk about the viscosity of the oil and a topic that always raises many doubts: the oil load. Viscosity is the resistance…

The new age in supermarkets and its impact on refrigeration
by Embraco4 minutes

Sector is renewing and growing through various transformations. Changes in consumer behavior and legislation coupled with the need to contain costs and seek a more advanced stance from the point of view of sustainability bring new challenges and opportunities. One of the most important segments in commercial refrigeration is supermarkets….

Internet of Things is already real
by Embraco2 minutes

Understanding what happens with the equipment allows you to create new solutions. Graduated in Industrial Electrical Engineering and Business Administration, with an MBA in Strategic Business Management, Daniel Moraes has been with Embraco since 2006. He is the senior manager of the company’s New Business, currently working with a focus…

by Embraco1 minute

In the previous issue, we talked about compatibility with refrigerant fluids. Get to know a little more about other aspects of lubricating oil. After dealing here with the compatibility between the lubricating oil and the refrigerant fluid (Read + in issue no. 129, of March 2017), let’s now talk about…

by EMBRACOLess than a minute

Diagnostic procedures and maintenance on refrigeration systems can only be executed by trained professionals. These professionals are constantly trained and could certify if the work environment, the installations and the necessary tools are ideal for the safety of the activities. That’s why, before any evaluation or maintenance, it is strictly…

Condensing Units: how to choose and size
by EMBRACO2 minutes

Here in this post you can check what it is, what it is for and what are the benefits of a condensing unit (CU). Now, let us address on the main points that need to be taken into consideration at the time to decide which CU is the most suitable…

Condensing Unit Maintenance
by EMBRACO3 minutes

Frequent cleaning and maintenance on the condensing unit prevent flaws, generate savings and extend  the useful life of the system As it is a system made up of different components such as compressor, condenser and fan – the latter composed of engine and propeller, the condensing unit requires special care…

by EMBRACO1 minute

EMBRACO FULLMOTION COMPRESSORS EQUIPPED WITH STATE-OF-THE-ART REFRIGERATORS.  Mabe Argentina was the first company in that country to adopt the use of Embraco Fullmotion compressors, in a refrigerator of it’s GE Appliances brand.   Offered in silver, with 424 litres and a very modern design, the HGE455S refrigerator is already available…

by EMBRACOLess than a minute

To guarantee adequate lubrication, it is necessary to know which product can be used in each application.   Today, a big variety of refrigerant fluids are in use, and because of this, it is necessary to check its compatibility with the different types of lubricant oil.  The table below helps…

Toolbox: solutions for your day by day
by Embraco1 minute

The app created by Embraco helps refrigeration professionals on their daily routine Officially released in October, during the Chillventa Tradeshow in Germany, Embraco’s Toolbox App is an innovative tool that holds very useful information for the refrigeration professionals. It is a free App, designed to be used on Smart phones…

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