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New fronts of innovation spreads in refrigeration




The noticeable and continuous investment of Embraco in research and technology is one of its biggest differentials. It means that it is always developing innovating technologies and offering more advanced and complete solutions in refrigeration.

Learn here about some of these new solutions, which are characterized by high performance, energy efficiency and, often, the use of natural cooling fluids.

An example of the positioning of Embraco is Plug n’ Cool, a complete solution of high energy efficiency concerned with supermarkets, both for chilled and frozen items. “The supermarket sector faces challenges such as lack of space, maintenance and high cost of energy. To present benefits to this target group, we develop solutions which place us one step ahead in technology, always bringing what is new in energy efficiency, performance, noise, reliability and competitiveness”, states Daniel Campos, Sales Director in the segment of commercial refrigeration.

As it has simple installation and does not require a machine room, Plug n’ Cool allows gain of internal space, an important factor for small and medium-sized stores. Furthermore, it uses the natural refrigerant R290 (propane), which has low noise and consumes less energy. This solution is ideal for the new moment experienced by the supermarket segment, which seeks to contain costs, increase energy efficiency and adopt a more sustainable posture.

In the vanguard of the new era of commercial refrigeration, by launching products increasingly more efficient, with less energy waste and environmental impact, Embraco recently presented a wide range of novelties for this area, besides Plug n’ Cool.

One of the highlights is the compressor FMFT413U with bivolt inverter, one of the most efficient in the market, for use with propane (R290). Ideal for aisles of frozen food, vertical ice cream freezers and displays for chilled items, it has Fullmotion Inverter technology (of variable speed), which allows the temperature inside the refrigerator to be maintained stable, aiding in better preservation of the food and reducing by up to 30% the energy consumption. As it is bivolt, it also handles the different regions of Brazil and the world without needing adaptations and functions appropriately even in situations of instability in the electric network.

Another novelty is the growth of the well-known F family of compressors. The model FFK2134GK is the first of this Family developed for R404A, also having a version for R290. Designed both for application in vertical displays of drinks and aisles of frozen food, it saves 20% of electricity compared with the current solutions.

The FMX compressor is another recent Embraco innovation, belonging to the current generation with Fullmotion Inverter technology (variable speed). It is a very competitive solution for use in household refrigerators, providing extremely high energy efficiency, better food preservation, low noise and it is prepared to work in a wide voltage range. It is a small dimension model, which brings advantages for the development of applications with limited internal space. To complete the range of advantages, it was designed for use with the natural refrigerant R600a (isobutane), generating low impact on the environment.

“The aim of Embraco is to be a complete provider of solutions for the commercial refrigeration segment, handling the most varied formats of stores and end customers preferences, whether by the concept of incorporated refrigeration or by the concept of remote refrigeration and machine room”, explains Daniel Campos.

Centennial tradition

For supermarket racks, the novelties are linked to the Dorin semi-hermetic compressors, which are characterized for providing a higher performance in terms of energy efficiency, reliability and low noise level, besides easy maintenance.

Embraco distributes all the products range of the Italian Dorin, including the semi-hermetic compressors transcritical and subcritical CO2, the global trend due to the sustainable appeal.

Besides the variety of models and applications, the models of this brand have state-of-the-art technology which provides higher performance in terms de energy efficiency, reliability and low noise level. As they are semi-hermetic, the maintenance is facilitated, because single parts can be changed and there is more space for interventions.

Sidney Mourão, Commercial Refrigeration Sales manager of Embraco, emphasizes the important partnership signed with Dorin three years ago. “It is a high technology company, with advanced solutions enjoying great renown in the market. This allowed Embraco to enter into new markets as a competitive option with high quality”, says.

The result is that today, all the large manufacturers of counters and installations for supermarkets already work with Embraco, having the Dorin products approved and validated. Thus, the company came to have an increasingly large presence in the main supermarket networks.

“Today we have a portfolio practically full of solutions for supermarkets of all sizes, both for natural cooling fluids (propane and CO2) and for halogenated ones (which contain chlorine)”, he adds.

In this specialty, the main novelty is the first installations with propane for semi-hermetic compressors. The message which Sidney transmits to the technicians regarding this trend is valid for all the other transformations which the market undergoes and will continue to face: “That which there is of the most advanced abroad will come here inevitably. It is already happening. The secret is to acquire knowledge: they are other types of installation, in which many professionals do not have previous experience. Due to their different features, they require training and preparation, but they are feasible”.

New Business

Looking at opportunities besides the compressor and seeking solutions to aid all the chilled retail chain, Embraco is investing in constructing new business.

It is the case, for example, of diili, a platform of digital solutions for management of the preservative appliances, which contributes so that food and drinks brands, retailers and assemblers increase the efficiency of their sales strategies and reduce costs and losses of products and equipment at the sales point.

With this technology, thousands of commercial refrigerators come to be important sources of information for companies which sell frozen products. “We seek to know the difficulties of the customers and users of this equipment (preservative appliances), using processes of development and solutions which are already well-known in the world of startups and scaleups of technology. We test ideas of solutions more quickly, aiding to create solutions and scaling models which we believe will have a great impact on the chilled retail chain”, emphasizes Alexandre Bio Veiga, director of New Business of Embraco.

All these novelties, and many others which continue to be developed every day, ensure the adaptability of the organization to a world in constant change.

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