Internet of Things is already real

Internet of Things

Understanding what happens with the equipment allows you to create new solutions.

Graduated in Industrial Electrical Engineering and Business Administration, with an MBA in Strategic Business Management, Daniel Moraes has been with Embraco since 2006. He is the senior manager of the company’s New Business, currently working with a focus on the growth of the organization through the positioning in IoT (Internet of Things). 

Is the Internet of Things is already a reality?

Increasing connectivity infrastructure, cloud computing, and lowering the cost of electronic components now allow the objects around us to be connected and be thus intelligent. This is the basis of the Internet of Things (IoT), which has been heralded as a new revolution.  

Technical conditions already exist, but it is not yet possible to see large-scale applications.

What’s missing then?

 The answer lies more in creating models with value generation than in technical challenges. It is necessary to discover the problems that have not yet been solved and that really bring positive impact to clients and society and, from there, to build the solution to these problems. 

To revolutionize your business, rather than the Internet of Things, you should think about Internet Solutions.

Is this true for any company?

Everyone agrees that today it is not possible to live without cell phones. I see the Internet of Things with the same effect in companies. 

It does not matter what your line of business is: for sure, more directly or not, at some point in the next few years your performance will be more digital. All sectors will be impacted by waves of new technologies and opportunities (for those who are aware) or challenges.

How is the situation in relation to IoT in Brazil?

There is still little concrete in the Brazilian market, in terms of IoT usage. There are many actions related to infrastructure services and projects of large companies in the maturation stage. But when we compare with Europe and North America, the perception is that the topic is more explored there.

What is the cause of this delay?

The main reason is the lack of insight into the subject and the conversion of the “non-digital” to the “digital” model that companies will need to make to stay competitive and aligned with the global scenario.  

Companies are still in a stage of understanding how IoT can impact their business and especially their competencies. 

How to move forward in this process?

I believe that the best direction at this moment is to start from the needs of its clients, to create concepts to be evaluated, to develop simple and fast prototypes and to learn from pilot projects. These steps help greatly in understanding the possibilities that IoT presents for business models and solutions.  

How to use IoT in practice?

A digital company uses the various tools available to transform your business, open up new opportunities, expand your portfolio of products and services, and gain efficiency in your operation. More important still is to learn how to work with data and understand how they can contribute to decision making. 

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