Technical Information

Embraco Position Paper: Light Commercial Refrigeration Refrigerants Outlook – 2018

Hydrocarbons (isobutane-R600a and propane-R290), represent the best, long term solution for light commercial applications both in low and medium pressure. The next future expected legislation changes will remove part of existing road blocks related to charge limits.

After R404A phase out, for the transition period, before 2022, based on preliminary testing, Embraco cannot consider R407F, R407A, R407H as an alternative replacement refrigerant for systems using Embraco R404A compressors. Usage of above referenced refrigerants may require system changes such as, system condensing temperature reduction (larger condenser, improved ventilation) or return gas temperature reduction in order to achieve  a similar thermal profile as with refrigerant R404A. To maintain Embraco warranty, final application needs to be validated by Embraco Technical Support Team case by case. Usage in systems operating under high compression ratio conditions in particular should be avoided. 

R404A alternative refrigerants to until 2022 recommended by Embraco are:

(1) R452A: alternative refrigerant for both LBP and MBP models 

(2) R449A: It can be used on NEU/NT/NJ Embraco MBP R404A series with restricted envelope. For other compressor series however, it is still mandatory that Technical support validates case by case.

(3) R448A: It can also be an alternative to R404A in MBP, however is still under test by Embraco, without final conclusions yet. Embraco position on this refrigerant shall be communicated in a later statement.

R134a alternative refrigerants R513A and R450A are approved as acceptable for transition period in specific Embraco R134a series.  

R1234yf is as well an acceptable alternative for R134a also for long term, but it can be used only with specifically developed compressor models because of its flammability. 

Embraco Policy Statement

Embraco will extend its work on development and encourage use of low GWP refrigerants to support global effort of climate change mitigation for the future of mankind.

Embraco will continue to provide solutions for refrigeration equipment to improve energy efficiency with low GWP refrigerants.

Embraco will support proactively use of natural refrigerants without any compromise for safety of appliances including technician training 

Embraco will continue to develop products for both natural and synthetic low-GWP refrigerants to exceed present and future energy efficiency standards to assure competitiveness of our customer products and meet final user’s expectations.

Embraco will continue working with international legislation organizations to allow safe use of low GWP options.

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