Correct Compressor Selection

Software provided by embraco facilitates the choice

It’ll be easier to find the right compressor for every application, using a new tool launched by Embraco: the Product Selection Software. Available online on the company’s website, it represents a major evolution from the current electronic catalog.

“In the catalog, you could only select the compressor from a few characteristics. It wasn’t possible to indicate the refrigeration equipment that it was intended for”, explains Paula Ramos, from Embraco’s Marketing area. “Now, for example, a contractor who wants to replace a compressor in a 300 liter chest freezer can enter this information and the software will inform you about the recommended models, based on the cooling capacity”.

The same tool can be used by retailers who need to guide their customers regarding the best options.

It also applies to refrigeration equipment manufacturers, when beginning new product development.

Even the refrigerator’s owner is a potential software user, being able to know the replacement alternatives for their equipment’s compressor – while also permitting him to better discuss the solution with the technician and preventing him from being a victim of bad professionals.

The software filters out, among all available options in Embraco’s portfolio, those that suit the needs indicated.

The search can be done in two ways: the user can inform the equipment that will use the compressor and the size or otherwise indicate the refrigeration capacity in the desired operating condition. This condition can be from a standard, such as ASHRAE, or tailored to the need. The user can also filter results by refrigerant, voltage, efficiency and other criteria.

Another important feature is the ability to cross reference, that is, entering a compressor model from another brand and knowing which Embraco compressors can replace it. The result, providing all options available, is displayed on the screen.

The project was developed with the support of the POLO Laboratory from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), which created a mathematical method that makes it possible to calculate compressor capacity and efficiency in any operating condition within its application envelope, with high accuracy results.

In the first phase, right after its launch, the software won’t contain all Embraco compressor models, starting with the most sold. But updating will be constant, with the inclusion of more compressors as well as the models that are being launched.

It works entirely online, within Embraco’s website. But for those with bad internet access the software can be downloaded to their computer and used offline. This current version when downloaded to the user’s equipment, will need to be updated later on to include new models and information provided by Embraco.

“We sought to develop a tool that gives the technician, retailer and manufacturer more autonomy in selecting products. So its improvement will be constant. One of the next steps will be to adapt the software for condensing units”, concludes Paula.

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