About the Club

About the Club


The Refrigeration Club is an important communication and interaction channel among all those who are part of the refrigeration market. Our goal is to develop content that assists in updating and developing those who seek to learn and improve each time more.

The Club was created over 30 years ago in Brazil and was known as Bola Preta, a printed magazine and distributed free of charge to Brazilian contractors. Starting in 1994, we launched the Latin American edition. With the growth of the digital refrigeration community, we launched the Club’s website in August 2013 bringing exclusive and quality content to contractors from the most diverse countries. All of this is done with great care by professionals passionate for refrigeration.

Now that you know our history, register here on our website and be part of this Club.



Magazine History

1984 – First edition of the Bola Preta magazine is published in July 1984.

1990 – Magazine reaches the number of 20 thousand subscribers.

1994 – Latin American edition is created, in Spanish.

1997 – Number of subscribers exceeds 30,000.

2001 – Magazine gets a larger format, more illustrative and more content.

2006 – Number of subscribers exceeds 50,000.

2009 – The layout of the Bola Preta magazine is revised.

2010 – Magazine’s website Goes Live.

2013 – In issue 113, the magazine changes its name to Refrigeration Club, presents new concept, graphic design and website.


Refrigeration History

History of Refrigeration and the company that helped build it, Embraco.

1748 – The first method to produce artificial cold was demonstrated in the University of Glasgow, Scotland, by the chemistry professor, William Cullen, who used a pump to get a vacuum in a recipient containing ethyl ether and to demonstrate ice forming on the water when in contact with the product.

1805 – North American inventor Oliver Evans designed but never built a refrigeration system from vapor compression.

1834 – The first cyclic refrigeration machine was produced by Jacob Perkins, using vapor compression. The American engineer obtained the first patent for a refrigeration system. (British Patent 6662).

1842 – North American physician, John Gorrie, designed the first air-conditioning system, successfully used in his own office.

1850 – The Scot, James Harrison, was largely responsible for putting into use cooling machines triggered manually to produce ice. In 1856 and in 1857 he obtained, respectively, British patents 747 and 2362.

1857 – Ferdinand Carré developed the first compression refrigeration system and in 1860 the continuous gas absorption system using gaseous ammonia dissolved in water.

1861 – World’s first factory to freeze meat using ammonia compressors emerged, invented by Carré. It was installed in Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia, by Thomas S. Mort and Eugene Dominique Nicolle.

1879 – The first household refrigerator where cold was obtained by mechanical means was created by Carl von Linde, German engineer, using ammonia and a steam pump.

1916 – Engineers Nathaniel Walles and Alfred Mellowes invented the first electric household refrigerator. In 1918 the invention was commercially launched in Detroit, Michigan.

1947 – The first refrigerator in Brazil was produced in the city of Brusque, in Santa Catarina, by Guilherme Holderegger and Rudolf Stutzer.

1950 – The first cooling systems factory in Brazil (Consul) was established in Joinville (SC), by Wittich Freitag.

1971 – Year that Embraco was founded in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil, where it still maintains its headquarters.

1974 – Embraco went into operation with production of the first PW compressor.

1982 – First agreement and technical cooperation between Embraco and the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) was signed.

1983 –Embraco’s Research & Development area was created and production of the F compressors began.

1985 – Hole in the ozone layer was discovered. Embraco began exports to Europe and China.

1987 – Launch of the first EM compressor with 100% Embraco technology. Embraco North America (ENA), a business unit focused on sales and technical assistance in the United States, was established.

1988 – Embraco Foundry inaugurated.

1990 – Embraco reached the mark of 50 million compressors produced. And initiated in Itaiópolis, Santa Catarina, the manufacturing unit for electrical components.

1994 – Embraco acquired a factory in Italy, Áspera. Initiated exports to Japan and became the first Brazilian company to create an industrial joint venture in China, Beijing Embraco Snowflake.

1996 – The first variable speed VCC compressor model, known as FullMotion was presented by Embraco. The company also reached the mark of 100 million compressors manufactured in Brazil.

1997 – EG compressor launched by Embraco.

1998 – Embraco began operations in Slovakia, in Spisská Nova Ves.

2000 – Launch of Embraco’s Top Green Campaign, for collection and proper disposal of unusable compressors.

2001 – Launch of Embraco Rational Series compressors and start of condensing unit production in Itaiópolis (SC).

2003 – Inauguration of electronics unit, Embraco Electronic Controls (EECON), focused on manufacturing electronic components for compressors.

2006 – Merger of Embraco with appliance manufacturer, Multibrás, creates Whirlpool S.A., controlled by the North American Whirlpool Corporation. New factory in China inaugurated, the largest and most modern.

2008 – Embraco Electronic Controls opened new factory in China.

2010 – Embraco reached the mark of 300 million compressors produced in Brazil.

2011 – Mexico plant operations began, fulfilling sustainability and eco-efficiency standards. Embraco renews its brand.


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